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The African Journal of Bioethics

The African Journal of Bioethics (AJB) aims to encourage pan-African harmonization in pertinent bioethical issues affecting Africa, enhance the standards of experimental and observational research ethics in the African continent and promote robust discussions on emerging bioethical issues. 


AJB accepts manuscript submissions from authors from anywhere in the world. The manuscripts should address bioethical topics that pertain to the African setting including medical care ethics, health systems ethics, research ethics, sex and gender perspectives in bioethics, queer bioethics, human rights and human dignity in healthcare and research, ethical challenges in challenges in research in research and healthcare, ethics of healthcare and research with vulnerable populations, emerging issues in bioethics, bioethics and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The journal also encourages submissions related to policy and governance, agricultural, institutional capacity building, environment and climate change, youth, social change, community health, advocacy, strategic management, information management, artificial intelligence, electronic commerce, energy, medical laboratory, health care ethics, biomedical sciences (microbiology and immunology), mental health, research, ethics committee, surgery, philosophy and applied ethics, forensics, genetics, and religion.

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