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Journal Overview 
The African Journal of Bioethics (AJB) aims to encourage pan-African harmonization in pertinent bioethical issues affecting Africa, enhance the standards of experimental and observational research ethics in the African continent and promote robust discussions on emerging bioethical issues. The journal especially welcomes and encourages submissions regarding the topics of medical care ethics, health systems ethics, research ethics, sex and gender perspectives in bioethics, queer bioethics, human rights and human dignity in healthcare and research, ethical challenges in research and healthcare, ethics of healthcare and research with vulnerable populations, emerging issues in bioethics, and bioethics and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recent Publications

Volume 1, no. 1 2022

Guidelines for the ethical review of mental health research protocols from a culturally-sensitive perspective
Mercury Shitindo & Farah Nabil

Note de politique: la gestion de la vulnérabilité dans la revue éthique des protocoles de recherche sur la Covid-19

Samba Cor Sarr, Zeyni El Abidine Sy, Viviane Marie Solange Mbengue, Ousmane Diouf, Aminata Suzanne Diop

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